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Pocatello Pet Lodge | Pet Care | Pocatello, ID

Pocatello's only luxury boarding and grooming facilities!

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Get VIP Suites Are Designed With Your Very Important Pet in Mind!

Pocatello Pet Lodge VIP suites are semi-private and separate from our regular rooms.  This means fewer distractions and less noise. They are fully furnished rooms with beds, bowl stands, floor mats, and more. Guests staying in VIP suites get priority access to our yard for first walk—we start at 6:00 AM!


During the visit, owners will receive 1 FREE set of pictures emailed if a VIP suite is booked for 2 nights or more.

Get VIP Guest Rates**

Our first VIP guest in the suite is $40 per night. Rooms can accommodate up to 3 guests. The 2nd and 3rd VIP guests in the same suite are $22 each, per night.

Reserve your pet's VIP suite today. Call Us At:

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